(1) Cooperation with interested parties in the real estate sector. The exchange of information and the processing of inquiries shall take place exclusively under the following conditions

  1. Access to the data of Immobilien-Teneriffa.org: The owner Michael Kreyssig allows potential real estate buyers free access to the objects contained in the Real Estate Tenerife database via the Internet. There is no right to grant this access, in particular the owner Michael Kreyssig can forbid the use at any time. (3) Use of the information obtained the information obtained through access to the database of Real Estate Tenerife.org may only be used on a personal basis and only for the specific interest in the acquisition of the property in question. Any disclosure to third parties and any use for other purposes, in particular for commercial purposes, is prohibited.  
  2. Immobilien-Teneriffa.org (owner Michael Kreyssig) does not guarantee the content of the offers. The owner Michael Kreyssig does not take over a warranty for the information, which is made available with the establishment of contact between offerers and prospective customers. Real Estate Tenerife.org does not assume any liability for the correctness of the information provided by Michael Kreyssig. Any liability in connection with the content of the information provided by Michael Kreyssig is excluded.
  3. Information of co-operation partners in individual cases makes Michael Kreyssig available on real estates Tenerife.org over its Website. The respective cooperation partners are solely responsible for their content. For their services their general terms and conditions apply exclusively.
  4. Sending additional information and offers from Michael Kreyssig are entitled, but not obliged, interested parties can send their own and external additional information or additional offers in connection with the intended purchase. Data on such additional information and offers will only be forwarded if the applicant has given his consent.
  5. Storage of the data provided by the interested parties to Immobilien-Teneriffa.org (Michael Kreyssig) will be kept and processed by Immobilien-Teneriffa.org for the above mentioned purposes and those resulting from the client’s order. The owner of Immobilien-Teneriffa.org (Michael Kreyssig) will respect the current privacy policy.
  6. Sending additional real estate information Real Estate Tenerife (Michael Kreyssig) sends partially automated real estate information to interested customers. There is no legal claim to the sending of this information; in particular, Immobilien-Teneriffa.org (Michael Kreyssig) may restrict or stop the sending of this information at any time. No additional information will be sent if the client informs that he/she does not wish to receive any further information. The corresponding notification must be sent to : Michael Kreyssig (www.Immobilien-Teneriffa.org) e-mail: info@immobilien-teneriffa.org

The legal relationship between Michael Kreyssig and the demander is governed by the law of Spain, jurisdiction Tenerife. Status: September 2020